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Grounded in all aspects of New Zealand property law, GHP Law can advise and assist clients engaged in any of the following areas:


Acquisitions and disposals, leases, financing, due diligence, tenders and RMA advice.


All aspects of residential sale and purchases, financing arrangements.

Development projects

Advice and assistance with development projects from conception to completion.

Subdivisions & land use consents

Resource consents, compliance and unit titles.


Development, regulation, investment and planning.

Trusts & estate planning

All trusts, wills, asset protection and succession advice.

Standard Fee Schedule

Residential House Purchase

Purchase in individual names including: Mortgage, review of LIM, review of Building report etc – negotiations as to retentions, work to fix etc will be charged at the hourly rate depending on complexity


Purchasing a tenanted property


Purchasing a Unit Title or Cross Lease


Purchasing in a Company or Trust


Residential House Sale

Residential sale including any negotiations in respect of matters on LIM or Building report (please note that should any requisitions be raised or large building report issues be discovered that requires time and retentions we will discuss with client but will need to charge on an hourly rate basis). Where we are required to attend on more than one creditor payment we will charge for additional time and attendances.


Selling a tenanted Property


Selling a Unit Title Property


Selling from company or trust (resolutions)


Additional costs on residential purchase

Kiwisaver and Homestart

Kiwisaver and Homestart documentation per person (whether or not Homestart is applicable)



Preparing Auckland District Law Society Agreement (excludes subdivisions, commercial property or complex agreements)



Drafting and advising on new trust deed (including associated resolutions)


One title transfer (from individuals to the new Trust)


NB: bespoke trust will incur hourly rate on top of the base fee

Supporting Guarantees

Execution of a supporting Guarantee from related parties to the transaction for a residential purchase or trust transfer or purchase



Standard one title residential refinance (additional payments to creditors would be charged on a time and attendance basis)


Trust Resolutions, Company Resolutions or additional title



Standard Will


Powers of Attorney

For drafting Powers of Attorney and attending on execution, please ring as it may involve independent solicitors fee

*All the above fixed costs include GST and standard office and registration costs but are subject to further attendances should the work detailed fall outside of scope. The scope will be detailed in our letter of engagement and terms of engagement.